How it all started
Have you ever had one of those"Wow, I see it so clearly now... and it doesn't work for me!" kind of moments?

That's exactly what our co-founder and CEO, Iva Teixeira, thought after spending almost two years in search of the right for her skincare routine. Iva tried many avenues to get the information she needed in order to decide what to include in her daily regimen, and she realized that the way the skincare industry operates today doesn't make sense for us. The current dynamics are about elevating and creating an aura around the skincare brands, instead of focusing on informing and empowering each woman to make the right product choices.

From that "WOW" moment on, Iva has made it her mission to put women in the center of skincare by demystifying product claims, and providing objective, research-supported information on what works for each individual's needs. Pursuing her mission brought Iva in contact with Fanny Surjana and Timothy Paetz. As successful technologists, both Fanny and Tim believe that information is power, and having identified the opportunity to flip the power dynamics in skincare for women, they joined Iva in founding The Good Face Project.

The Good Face Project's mission is to empower women with information about their evolving skin, and to help them discover the best products that fit their unique needs. We are creating a place to turn to when you have decided that your current skincare has to be tweaked or completely overhauled.

Our goal is to make it easy for you to pick the best skincare, and to be confident in your decision. You have a good face, and it is our project to help you care for it with confidence!
Meet our team
Iva Teixeira
Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer
Fanny Surjana
Co-founder and Chief Product Officer
Timothy Paetz
Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer
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