What you use on your skin may be putting your health at risk.

Let’s fix that.

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What is the Face Detox?

Screen your favorite skin care products for toxicity for just $14.95.

Every ingredient listed on your product’s packaging is checked for safety against our vast database of compounds.

When products do not meet our safety standards, we provide you with safer alternatives.

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Let’s make sure yours are safe! Screen your favorites for $14.95!

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Get the safety rating of each of your products, and find safer alternatives.

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The Good Face Project Difference

  1. We read skin care product labels, and research the safety and efficacy of every ingredient.
  2. Our skin care safety ratings are based on published scientific research, and made accessible via links we provide to you in all of our reports.
  3. Our skin care recommendations are as objective as possible, because we are not associated with, or reimbursed by, beauty, skin care, cosmetics or personal care manufacturers.
  4. Our bottom line: If we would not recommend a skin care routine to our families, we will not recommend it to you.